Black Oystercatcher Festivals in December


Black Oystercatcher is definitely on the list of favourite places to spend some, whilst time in the heart of the Elim Wine Route. Their fare is always scrumptious and well presented and their wines are distinctive, but when they put on a festival it should be made compulsory to all to attend. And rightly so, as the festivals draw visitors to this wonderful part of country from far and wide.


Upcoming Festivals in December

The Black Oystercatcher Beer Festival

Friday, 16 December

The wonderful local craft beer Fraser’s Folly is now part of The Black Oystercatcher and to celebrate this pairing there is a beer festival with live music, meals and craft beer.
Entrance to the festival is free, so no excuses (even if you don't fancy beer as there will be wine available too).

The Black Oystercatcher SOS Festival

Monday – Wednesday, 26-28 December

Celebrate summer at the Southernmost Tip of South Africa at The SOS Festival. This is a three-day summer celebration of Sauvignon Blanc, Oysters and Stout, for the whole family. Tickets available from

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