Rawson Properties Cape Agulhas

1 About Rawson Properties Cape Agulhas This is a people-oriented business and we appreciate that as our client, you’re dealing in dreams. You may be looking for a new beginning, a lifestyle or a safe space. It’s the most important transaction in your life. The stakes couldn’t be higher and […]

South Bound Gift Store

1 2 About South Bound Lifestyle Gift Store South Bound Lifestyle Gift Store – Find what you may, this little treasure chest is buried at Struisbaai Mall. We proudly House the largest Nautilus found on our coastline and the very rare Golden Cowrie. Nautical – Decor – Gifts – Toys – Scarves […]

Jikel Anything Crochet

1 2 About Jikel Anything Crochet The First Stitch In the Winter of 2001 my Granny showed me the 3 basic stitches of crochet and ever since then I was ‘hooked’! Crochet in Afrikaans is “Hekel”, but in the Southern Cape, it is often pronounced “Jikel”, from where the birth […]

Seeff Struisbaai

1 About Seeff Struisbaai Where two oceans collide in a wild display of tumultuous currents and jagged rocky edges you will find the southernmost point of Africa. The stone cairn christens the point where the Indian and Atlantic Ocean meet and people from all over the world journey to this […]

Mermaid Guest House

1 2 About Mermaid Guest House Welcome to the tranquil but exciting lifestyle which is Mermaid Guest House. Central to all the amenities of Struisbaai and only 400 meters from the main swimming beach. The guest house is easily accessible and offers not only wonderful ambiance and comfort but a feeling of […]

Aida Struisbaai

1 2 About Aida Struisbaai Don’t look, don’t listen and don’t talk to another soul before you contact us. We are 6 qualified agents, all with a great deal of experience in the property market. Aida has the largest selection of properties in Struisbaai, L’Agulhas and Suiderstrand. If it is a […]

BlouBlad Directory

1 2 About BlouBlad Directory The 10th Issue of BlouBlad has more than 120 products and service providers, as well as residential numbers, street maps of the Cape Agulhas towns and tide tables until July 2017. BlouBlad also hosts a dedicated Online Directory, fully responsive on various electronic devices. All […]