Look out for Loggerhead Turtles on Struisbaai Beach


With the change in the season, we watch out for new things on the horizon. Like the strandlopers of old, every day can bring something new and unexpected. One of the sadder events is when the little Loggerhead Turtles get washed up on the beach when there is a strong onshore wind. 
Last year and the year before about this time, we experienced Baby Loggerhead Turtles washing up on our shores. They breed in warmer waters in the Kwa-Zulu Natal area and then land in the Agulhas currents where they drift Southwards. By the time they reach our beaches they are often suffering from hypothermia and dehydration. The one thing you should NOT do is try to return them to the sea. If you find these turtles on the beach, keep it dry and at room temperature, place the turtle in a container that has ample air holes, make a note of exactly where the turtle was found and contact the NSRI Agulhas at 082 990 5952 or the Two Oceans Aquarium at 021 418 3823 or bring the turtles to the NSRI sea rescue base in Struisbaai.

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