Blue Cranes, Majestic Birds of Cape Agulhas

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Driving along any of the roads in Cape Agulhas, around Bredasdorp and Napier, you will see these majestic beauties on the farm lands. It is no wonder this bird is South Africa’s National bird, and if you’re lucky you’ll see the magnificent display of their courtship dance which comprises of the male and female jumping up and down with their wings extended. A pair of blue cranes is said to mate for life, they nest in summer and will lay eggs until around April.

All the non-breeding birds form a flock together with the newly fledged chicks. This is why you’ll often find the Blue Cranes in a large flock. Sometimes you’ll see the Blue Cranes feeding from the sheep’s food trough. They are primarily vegetarian and eat small bulbs, seeds, and roots, but also a variety of insects. Still a protected species you will find most of the Blue Cranes in the Western Cape.

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