Book your accommodation now for the Yellowtail (Geelstert) season!


Typically January and February are the months that we have the Yellowtail (Geelstert) on the run in Struisbaai, Cape Agulhas. The South-Easter wind, which also brings the rain, makes the sea water dirty and brown. Not the greatest time for swimming, but the cold currents bring the bait that the fish like to feed on, luring the Yellowtail closer to the shore. This is a wonderful time to experience at the Struisbaai Harbour with high activity, as the local fisherman take their colourful boats out to sea to haul the fish back. Visitors flock to watch and the Seagulls try and get their share!

The Cape Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) is a much sought after game fish and an excellent fish to braai, or grilled, battered, and tasty for sushi lovers. The combination of Yellowtail and ginger is a taste sensation, and leftovers make a brilliant fish paté. Interestingly, the locals believe that when snakes are plentiful the fish will also be in abundance .. but that’s another story.

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