Harvest time in the Overberg is a Magical time


The Cape Agulhas countryside is simply a visual smorgasbord for amateur and professional photographers: rolling hills of agricultural wonder with wheat fields and bright yellow canola. The majority of the canola cultivars that are being cultivated in the Western Cape belong to the species Brassica napus. The name “canola” is derived from “Canada and oleic acid”. It is thus also that harvest time is something that is anticipated with a feeling of great intensity, between late September and end-October.

Farmers working all hours of the day and night, giant workhorses ploughing through fields non-stop, until all you’ll see on the farm lands are hues of honey coloured bales of hay that catches the sun as you drive past, welcoming visitors and warming the hearts of the locals with a feeling of I have arrived.

Do you have any harvest time photos you would like to share?

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