Did you know that we even have a bird named after our area?

Agulhas long-billed lark

The Agulhas long-billed lark (Certhilauda brevirostris). This is a passerine bird, belonging to the Passeriformes biology, of which a trait is that their toes are arranged, three pointing forward and one back and this helps with perching. It is an endemic resident breeder in the Western Cape, South Africa, however, the natural habitat of the Agulhas long-billed lark is uncertain, since most of its habitat has been converted into wheat fields and pasture land and only an estimate of 30% of its original natural habitat remain as coastal fynbos or Karoo scrub. Although it appears to have adapted quite well to its newly modified habitats, like the farmlands, maybe it is because it feeds on seeds and insects and nests on the ground.

Interestingly, just like the Blue Crane, the Agulhas long-billed lark is a monogamous bird that finds and breeds with one partner for the rest of its life. Seems like this happens a lot in Cape Agulhas!

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