Cape Agulhas Guest House

1 2 Cape Agulhas Guest House This guest house makes an affordable holiday possible with double bedrooms, each with en-suite showers. Five of the bedrooms have sea views and the other four have land views. Some of our rooms have satellite TV and there is a TV with satellite in […]

L’Agulhas Laundrette

1 2 L'Agulhas Laundrette The southernmost laundry in Africa. Established in 1995 Our laundry is owner managed. Our services are highly recommended by our clients. We pay attention to detail. And strive to be the best.

Upcoming Events & Calendar

Upcoming Events Gin Tasting @ Wine Boutique 24th February 2018 at 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Wine Boutique, 101 Main Rd, L’Agulhas, 7287, South Africa Join the Wine Boutique and Stellenbosch Distilling Co for a Gin Tasting from 11am to 4pm Lighthouse2Lighthouse Ladies Walk 1st March 2018 – 4th March […]

Be Water Wise this Summer in Cape Agulhas

Be Water Wise this Summer

And just like that, it is summer time!  Cape Agulhas has done all it can to prepare for the numerous amount of visitors that come to our beaches and towns every year.  We would like to encourage all, visitors and residents alike, to enjoy a water-conscious holiday and save water in every […]

Family Camping in the heart of Agulhas

family camping overberg

Although it is approaching winter, any seasoned camper will have already earmarked a few likely campsites for the summer holidays, if not already booked. Agulhas is not just the scenic town at the southernmost tip of Africa, the area of Agulhas has its borders beginning in the heart of the […]

Agulhas Ocean House

1 2 About Agulhas Ocean House When it’s time to escape the chaos of the city, head to Agulhas to reclaim your soul. Here, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic, and the sea meets the mountain, is a luxurious, tranquil guest house. Agulhas Ocean House is located on a gentle curve […]

Tourism News

Tourism News March 2017 Agulhas National Park E-Bulletin

South Point Self Catering and B&B

1 2 About South Point Self Catering and B&B South Point Self Catering and B+B, established in 1994, is situated in the picturesque town of L’Agulhas, in the region called Cape Agulhas in the Overberg district of the Western Cape. The town of L’Agulhas is situated at the southernmost tip of […]