Agulhas Ocean House

1 2 About Agulhas Ocean House When it’s time to escape the chaos of the city, head to Agulhas to reclaim your soul. Here, where the Indian Ocean meets the Atlantic, and the sea meets the mountain, is a luxurious, tranquil guest house. Agulhas Ocean House is located on a gentle curve […]

South Point Self Catering and B&B

1 2 About South Point Self Catering and B&B South Point Self Catering and B+B, established in 1994, is situated in the picturesque town of L’Agulhas, in the region called Cape Agulhas in the Overberg district of the Western Cape. The town of L’Agulhas is situated at the southernmost tip of […]

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, an inspiration from ancient Egypt

Cape Agulhas Lighthouse

The Cape Agulhas Lighthouse is the Southernmost Lighthouse and has been in operation since 1849, making it the second oldest working lighthouse in South Africa. The oldest lighthouse in South Africa is Greenpoint lighthouse, which began operating in 1824. The inspiration for the Cape Agulhas Lighthouse came from 7000 kilometres […]

Rawson Properties Cape Agulhas

1 About Rawson Properties Cape Agulhas This is a people-oriented business and we appreciate that as our client, you’re dealing in dreams. You may be looking for a new beginning, a lifestyle or a safe space. It’s the most important transaction in your life. The stakes couldn’t be higher and […]

Pilgrimage to the Southernmost Point of Africa


Recently eight very brave souls finished their Overberg Pilgrimage of Hope from Stellenbosch to the Southernmost Tip of Africa here in Cape Agulhas. The pilgrimage is called Pelgrimstog van Hoop and the idea is to visit all the oldest churches of South Africa along the route. If you are wanting to […]

Accommodation Agulhas Heights

1 2 About Agulhas Heights These charming white-washed cottages, with a whimsical flair, is situated at the southernmost tip of Africa in the small town of Agulhas, which also indicate the official dividing line between the Atlantic and Indian Oceans. Agulhas Heights offer 3 self-catering cottages with spectacular 180 degrees views […]

Wine Boutique

1 2 About Wine Boutique on the Shipwreck Coast The Wine Boutique in L’Agulhas has carved out space in the Tourism market during the 7 years of existence. Last year we relocated to our new premises which are more streamlined with the customers in mind. Lots of space for the […]