About Arniston / Waenhuiskrans

Arniston is one of the proud gems of Cape Agulhas — a picturesque seaside village where time stands still. Visit historic Kassiesbaai, explore limestone coastal caves, and marvel at southern right whales. Arniston/Waenhuiskrans, tucked way behind rolling hills of golden sand and azure seas, is officially the only town in South Africa with two names. The town’s original name, Waenhuiskrans, was derived from the beautiful Waenhuiskrantz Cave (the old Dutch way of spelling it) situated on the outskirts of town. Legend has it that the cave was large enough for a wagon with a full span of oxen to turn around, and standing inside the cave you can almost see the oxen straining against the turn. A popular tourist attraction, the cave can only be accessed during low tide, but is definitely worth the trek as it transports you into a different time and space as you behold the wonder of the ocean. The Waenhuiskrans Cave is said to be the largest coastal cave with no supporting roof pillar.