Langrug Lodge Bredasdorp

About Langrug Lodge

A  perfect PEACE of Africa

Situated in the Overberg, between Bredasdorp and Struisbaai alongside Soetendalsvlei -  Southern Africa's largest natural body of fresh water - LANGRUG LODGE is a splendidly secluded and beautifully restored, self-catering cottage that was originally built in 1912. It is fully equipped and sleeps six in comfort. The shoreline and grasslands around the vlei host a variety of bird species, small mammals and reptiles, making it a rewarding experience for bird and nature-lovers and those who simply appreciate peace and quiet beneath the African skies.

I dreamt of Africa
A cottage beneath the biggest sky of all.
Expansive vlei out front, endless fields behind.
Wild neighbours far too shy to show.

I dreamt of solitude.
A place of perfect quiet.
Of lapping water and timid birds.
Of long, long walks across the veld.

I dreamt of comfort.
Crackling fires and broad, soft sofas.
Of timber table tops, first planed centuries ago.

I dreamt of deep, hot baths.
And still, dark nights.
Where silence lulls and soothes.

I dreamt of all this and now that it's real,
My dream has somehow changed...

I want the world to know my PEACE of Africa
But, on the other hand,
I'd like to keep it all to myself.