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What to do when you encounter a snake in Cape Agulhas

1 2 We’ve recently posted some photos that were taken by The Nuwejaars Wetland Special Management Area (SMA), of a rather large mole snake. The thing about snakes is that they present a genuine and paralysing fear to many – yet most of them are really quite harmless. That’s right, […]

Bredasdorp, Breyani-dorp

Bredasdorp, called by some Breyani-dorp, has quite a variety of things to do and explore for tourists. Growing up in this small town, after being away for a year and returning to the heart of the Overberg region, you appreciate the gems again this small country town has to offer. Bredasdorp is rather centrally situated. […]

Top Attraction in Suiderstrand

Top Attraction in Suiderstrand – This Cape Agulhas town is 5km from L’Agulhas. A not to be missed attraction here is the African Black Oystercatcher that can often be seen on the beach at Suiderstrand. Also, next time you visit Suiderstrand (Southern Beach), listen to the sound the waves make as […]

Damara Terns at De Mond

The main reasons for migration are either food or nesting resources. Studies have even found that when migratory species of birds are kept in a cage, they go through a period of restlessness at the times they would migrate, repeatedly fluttering toward one side of their cage. German behavioural scientists […]