Why I love Cape Agulhas

"We love Cape Agulhas and the Overberg. What is not to like? We have beautiful mountains, an ocean full of whales, canola fields, apple blossoms and an old world charm that immediately sets the pace of any traveller into deluxe holiday mode." ~ Country love 

"Picture fertile hills engulfed by towering steel-blue mountains, a stretch of ocean that brags a dozen shades of blue capable of taking your breath away, and farmlands that change from dry and dusty mustard to rain-injected emerald as the seasons change.  This is the essence of the Overberg." The Earth beneath my feet

Cape Agulhas covers 2 411 square kilometres of extraordinary beauty: generous lands, sleek wildlife, uninhibited skies, friendly faces, sumptuous cuisine and an energy that flows strongly in the veins of those who inhabit this mystical land where magnetic forces ebb and flow. Here two mighty oceans meet with the gentlest of touches. Mountains and meadows, sand dunes and salt pans lie side by side, while in the turquoise sea, fish gather and whales play. In the kaleidoscope of coloured fields, fat-tailed sheep graze, life-giving grains ripen and grape juice deepens into award-winning wines amongst indigenous fynbos and generous rivers. But to understand the pulse of this region, it is necessary to tap into the historical and cultural birth of the Southernmost Tip of Africa. Visit ancient fish traps and middens that tell of a life before time. Ghosts of violent shipwrecks whisper of man’s quest to discover and conquer. Cape Agulhas is indeed a region deeply steeped in contrast, memories and exotic influences.

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