Jikel Anything Crochet

About Jikel Anything Crochet

The First Stitch

In the Winter of 2001 my Granny showed me the 3 basic stitches of crochet and ever since then I was 'hooked'! Crochet in Afrikaans is "Hekel", but in the Southern Cape, it is often pronounced "Jikel", from where the birth of my project. Crochet has become my passion and I love to create new and interesting products. The designs are virtually endless...

The DrEaM

I always wanted my own shop where I could sell my handwork. What better satisfaction can you give a crafter/artist than to be able to sustain themselves by doing what they love most? In July 2014 I opened my Jikel shop in Struisbaai, near the most Southern Tip of Africa!

  • Handmade
  • Gifts & Crafts
  • Vinni's Nikkam 100% Cotton
  • Classes for those who want to learn or polish up on a stitch and craft skill!
Crochet Products

Our handmade products are crafted from Vinni's which contains 100% natural fibers like Cotton and Bamboo, or a mixture of the two.Slight colour variations might occur as a result of the hand-dyed yarn, but this lends character to a handmade product that stands out above the mass produced imported machine manufactured items. Purchasing a Jikel product is an investment in quality and provides a sustainable income to the crafters that have handmade your item with love.