Goldsmith Darme Manufacturing

About Goldsmith Darme Manufacturing

Artisan goldsmith Marius Koen was born in Goodwood, Cape Town, grew up in Johannesburg and went to the National School of Arts where he learnt the basics of becoming a goldsmith. Now after numerous years in the business and a private studio, Marius brings you Darme jewellery. Based in  L’Agulhas in the Overberg district, he makes durable products made out of gold, platinum, silver, even materials like titanium and wood. He refers to himself a jewellery-engineer and makes not only rings and neck pieces but sunglasses, watches, and bangles, some of ebony and olive wood. Darme finds inspiration from nature, ethnic tradition, and fantasy. Our pieces are timeless & are intended as beautiful gifts for all occasions. Our studio, the perfect retreat where the client is welcome to stay at our on-site guest house and be a part of designing their bespoke piece of jewellery in unspoiled surroundings.